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Roman Polanski's new film "The Palace" was censored in Russia, cutting out episodes

Poster Polanski Palace

Roman Polanski's new film was censored for showing in Russia, writes "Film distributor's bulletin".

We are talking about the satirical comedy “The Palace”, the plot of which is built around celebrating the New Year 2000 in a luxury hotel in Switzerland, whose guests were rich people from all over the world.

According to the publication, from the painting “Palace” Episodes with “attempts to make fun of Russians” have disappeared.

In particular, the scene in which the Russian ambassador's wife falls asleep in a plate of black caviar, as well as Vladimir Putin's New Year's address, was cut out.

The scene with Putin’s address is present in the original trailer of the film, which was shown in the Russian Federation before the screenings.

According to the distributor, the Pro:Vzglyad company, due to banknotes, the film's running time was ultimately reduced by 2 minutes.

Russian film critic Stas Tyrkin, after the premiere of “The Palace” at the Venice Film Festival, wrote that “The 90-year-old director still sparkles with humor, audacity and energy, and has not lost an ounce of his skill.”

Film critics from the world's leading publications sharply criticized the film, calling it tasteless.



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